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Organisation Chart

AMA Empresarial

Organisation Chart

A. General assembly

Its function is to guide the major general meeting (assembly) and draw up its respective minutes, as well as ensuring the delegation of what has been agreed upon.

B. Directorate-General

The functions of the directorate-general include the social, administrative and financial management of the Association, as well as the coordination of the departments, by elaborating activity plans, reports and accounts to submit at the General Assembly. It is also responsible for representing AMA in and outside of legal proceedings.

B.1. Consultancy

The function of this department is to develop the marketing, communication, product, commercial and market study plans for AMA associates. It is also its responsibility to coordinate the consultancy team in order to guarantee a prompt response and quality service.

B.2. Events

This area organises, projects and plans events, proposing their realisation to the Directorate-General on a monthly basis.

B.3. Training

The function of this area is to plan training courses as well as ensure their realisation. It is this department’s responsibility to guarantee the efficiency of these courses.

B.4. Human resources

The function and responsibility of this department is to receive the curriculum vitae of associates and cross reference the information with the recruitment needs of associated companies, as well as managing AMA’s human resources.

C. Audit committee

The responsibility of this committee is to audit administrative and financial actions of the Directorate General, as well as the accounts and balances, providing their advice relative to actions which implicate increases in expenses or decreases in profits. It is this Committee’s responsibility to guarantee the transparency and independence of AMA.

C.1. Supervision

This department implements and puts into practice the policies determined by the Audit Committee. It is their responsibility to present the audit report at the General Assembly.