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AMA Empresarial


AMA Empresarial was born when we realised that 89% of the Portuguese corporate community lacked a marketing department. Another important factor was the need for improvement in organisational skills, both at the level of personnel, as well as at the level of processes and systems, so that sustained development of corporate success could be achieved in companies.

AMA Empresarial

The Association was created in 2012 with the name, Associação de Marketing de Aveiro(Marketing Association of Aveiro). The Association was started with the objective of fomenting and creating synergies between marketing professionals and the companies in the Aveiro District. Basically, the finality was to create a new dynamic of collaboration between all key players, enabling the growth and development of the corporate community in the district.

At the time, it was an innovative idea and truly created waves in Portuguese associativism. With over a dozen events per year and bringing to the region the best Portuguese orators, it became a true business partner for companies and brought about a new way of managing them.

With its evolution and rapid growth, the companies commended the dynamic and attitude the association brought about.

Today, it is an Association of national reference, becoming “Associação de Marketing e Atitude Empresarial – AMA Empresarial” (Corporate Marketing and Attitude Association), taking on an important role for companies in Portugal, giving importance to the entire country, organising diverse events of paramount importance in the area of corporate marketing and management in various national districts, contributing to the development of companies throughout Portugal.

The most important initiatives and of the largest dimension have occurred in all the districts. During the first semester, various “AMAmarketing” events occur and in the second half of the year, there are several “AMA Fora da Caixa” (“Outside the Box”) events. This strategy brings new knowledge and new trends of the world market to all the districts.

One of AMA Empresarial’s greatest commitments for the entire Country is, without a doubt, the creation of “AMA Empresarial networking” between all companies, especially SMEs, enabling the creation of synergies leading to real success in the Portuguese market.

AMA Empresarial is an institution which represents the key players in the innovative market, the companies, the marketing professionals and the managers.


Our values:

  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Credibility
  • Competence
  • Innovation
  • Associativism

The creation and innovation of the values we have proposed are based on the following principles:

  • Exchange and fostering of knowledge for professionals with diverse backgrounds or those interested in corporate management and strategic marketing management
  • Create opportunities for the development of indispensable academic activities
  • Cooperate with institutions of higher education
  • Facilitate the application of marketing knowledge and its tools
  • Use and promote the most recent technology, in order to maximise the competitiveness of companies
  • Contribute to the optimisation of resources in the corporate community and promote a culture of excellence in training


Foment, encourage, support and promote the economic and social development of Portugal through the dissemination and implementation of knowledge in the areas of corporate management and marketing strategies.

Encourage the exchange of knowledge, experiences and synergies between companies and institutions.

Publish and provide information of value to Associates.

AMA Empresarial's philosophy

In recent years, many organisations have responded to the current market pressures, the sharp decline of sales and crushing of commercial margins, by adopting acquisition strategies of the work force.

However, experience and some studies have revealed the non-sustainability of these strategies in the medium and long term.

The foundation of any business is the clients. To obtain, attract and gain customer loyalty, it is fundamental to provide proposals of value that are differentiated and assertive, adjusted to personalised marketing strategies that are well-defined, integrated, coherent and innovative.

Based on this principle, AMA Empresarial proposes, together with its Associates, defining and developing sustained growth strategies founded on processes of demand at the level of management and marketing.

The strategic solutions proposed by AMA Empresarial are based on advanced methodologies whose main focus is proposals of value intended to meet the many challenges of management, marketing and branding, ensuring the competitive position in the various market sectors.

We offer Associates our commitment, dedication and professionalism in the work executed by AMA Empresarial professionals. We respond to the needs of our Associates at any development stage of their business, from the creation of identity projects, positioning, global communication, to the business plan for company development associated with the current market.